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pa unban po and ill explain my side

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I am writing this appeal with a deep sense of regret and genuine affection for the game that has become an integral part of my life. I want to be transparent about my actions and take full responsibility for my lapse in judgment. I genuinely regret my decision to use the third party app and recognize the negative impact it may have had on the community.  I want to emphasize that this explanation is not an excuse but rather an acknowledgment. I want to assure you that I have learned from this experience and am committed to fair play moving forward. If given the opportunity, I am eager to contribute positively to the community and demonstrate that my actions were an exception. I understand that trust needs to be rebuilt, and I am willing to comply with any additional measures or conditions imposed to ensure fairness. I kindly request a review of my case and appreciate your time and consideration in this matter. I love aurora, Aurora has not only been a source of entertainment but a platform where I've forged meaningful connections with fellow players. 


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Hi @axwoo

Your ban appeal is Approved. Upon entering Aurora, you will be subjected to 1000 community service, your account is reset back to 0, meaning no cash, no acd, no cars, no house and etc.. You will also need to request a change of name via forums to establish a new RP. You will be under probation for 2 months meaning; any major offense you may commit during this period will result in higher sanction. You are also subjected for 1 strike policy meaning, any major offense such as, power gaming, bug exploit, toxicity, and any form of cheating may lead to permanent ban without a chance of appeal.

To start your unbanning process, please submit a ticket via Aurora Discord.

Best regards,
Staff Team

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