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[CHEAT-APPEAL] Pau Mori Gangless


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  • In-Game Character Name
    Pau Mori
  • Your faction/gang on that time you were banned
  • Ban Serial
  • Explain what you did wrong and why you did it
    using third party software, marami po kasi nagamit nung mga araw nayon lalo napo nung 2022 nakakaumay nadin po kase.
  • Why did you cheat?
    nakakaumay napo kase nung mga araw nayon nag sisi rin po ako kasi marami pong nawala.
  • Explain why your punishment should be removed or adjusted
    miss kona po yung mga tao sa aurora wala naman po akong problema kundi sa third party lang po naka ilang months narin po gusto ko nadin po bumalik.
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