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[CHEAT-APPEAL] Tommy Lucchese Los Bandoleros


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  • In-Game Character Name
    Tommy Lucchese
  • Your faction/gang on that time you were banned
    Los Bandoleros
  • Ban Serial
  • Explain what you did wrong and why you did it
    I cheated in the server before watchdog and I deleted my cheats after awhile (when watchdog came out). However, I don't know how to fully delete the cheat so it left traces in my PC. I cheated due to my own belief that the others are also cheating so why not cheat also to beat them. I willingly cheated and admit to doing so, I thought I could get away with it but I was wrong.
  • Why did you cheat?
    I admit to using cheats and I am fully responsible for what I did. I used cheats against people and gangs who I suspected as cheaters also. I wrongfully justified my use of cheats due to the amount of cheaters before when the anticheat was not as strong as it is currently. I know that what I did was not the right way to handle it, and I accept I was wrong.
  • Explain why your punishment should be removed or adjusted
    What I did was wrong, I should've just let the admins and developers handle the cheating problem rather than me just being a cheater myself. I understand that the sanction given to me was fair, but I believe that I can be better now. I learned my lesson and I am responsible for my actions.
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