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AuroraRP - Starter Guide


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How to get Grand Theft Auto V?
You can simply get GTAV by buying at steam or get it for free at the Epic Game Store.

How to join AuroraRP Server?
You can join AuroraRP Server by downloading FiveM (a GTAV modification by Citizen Collective) and in the server list, search AuroraRP.

I bought or got GTAV at the Epic Games Store. But can't join the game. Here's the fix:
Close EpicGames. Open Steam and FiveM. Log on to your Steam account and go back to FiveM. Press F8 and type: connect "https://play.aurorav.net/".


An error message came up saying "Your connection has brought us an attention. Your account needs to be verified! 
Go to our discord server, '' and then goto the  channel and type: -link 8611."


How I can fix this?
Go to your discord and see the #verified channel.

Where is the server rules of AuroraRP?
Website: You can read the rules by visiting this forum board


How to direct connect to AuroraRP?
If you already have FiveM and GTAV, you can directly connect to our server by pressing F8 and type :

connect "https://play.aurorav.net"


Every time I join AuroraRP, my screen is frozen or my screen is stuck at the black screen. How I can fix this?
Easy way but effective: You need to change your GTAV Settings Texture Quality to Normal.


How to chat in the chatbox?
You can chat in the chatbox by pressing T. You can also do chat commands by pressing T also. Chat commands like: /report, /me, /carry, etc. To know more chat commands, you may go to our guidebook which is here: 


I am stuck under the ground, how I can fix this?
You can call an admin by typing /report [your report message] in the chatbox. To open the chatbox, press T.


How to report an incident to the admins?
You can report players by using /report [your report message] in the chat.


I'm stuck at character creating, how I can fix this?
Reconnect. if your character resets, head inside surgery room at the nearest hospital

How to reconnect?
You can reconnect by pressing F8 and type quit. And run FiveM and connect to our server again.


My FiveM Crashed, what to do?
Nothing. Since it's FiveM's fault and not ours, just rejoin the server again.

My character is bugged or my clothes are flickering. How I can fix it?
Change your clothes at the clothing store. Try to change your shoes, torso, arms, and pants.


Connection Interrupted! Reconnecting to server... How to fix this?
Press F8 and type quit and rejoin again.


I cannot hear anything, how I can fix it?
Make sure you correctly set up your voice settings. By Pressing ESC, go to Settings and then you'll see Voice Chat Settings. You can also press F8 and type vsync


How can I set up the voice chat settings?
Youtube it or google it. "GTAV Voice Chat"


Where can i get a job?
Civilian Jobs:


Whitelisted Jobs:





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