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Complaint - 154 - fail rp

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  • Your steam name
  • Your client identifier
  • Your in-game faction/job
  • Your in-game group/gang
  • The rule(s) this player has broken
    fail rp
  • ID or Name of the complained player
  • Around what time did this incident occur? (Include time-zone & date):
    11:50 am to 11:55 am PH Time (1/24/23)
  • Detailed explanation of what happened

    na body po si sir id 154 and nung binuhay na ng ems tumakbo tas tumalon sa yacht and nag pakamatay po.

  • Proof (Full-screen screenshots or videos):
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Hi Kyubi, can we void this report?


Im sorry. I forgot to inform you about this. The person who tried to escape in the video went in front of CETF HQ and Surrendered. 


Hi Admin/Staff. We would like to void this report.


Thank You.

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