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Introducing Watch Dog & Enhanced Ban System


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Hi everyone 👋

After multiple reports of usage of FiveM cheats, it's come to a halt. We are very happy to finally introduce our newest system Watch Dog and our Enhanced Ban System.


Watch Dog

Our newest detection method when it comes to external cheats, introducing Watch Dog powered by Echo.AC. Watch Dog will automatically scan your movements in-game, if it's too suspicious for the system to recognize, Watch Dog will automatically require the player to scan his or her computer. A time will be allotted for the player to scan their computer, if they failed to scan their computer in a specific time, their account will be in risk of getting banned. Once the player got flagged by Echo.AC, Watch Dog will automatically ban the player pernamently including the player's hardware identifiers. So far this week, Watch Dog has successfully banned 156 identifiers (in total of ~18+ players) and ~37+ players got scanned by Echo.AC are clean from any FiveM Cheats.


Enhanced Ban System

Since the increase of ban evaders towards to our community. We monitor each evaders actions and identify their strategies when joining the server. Successfully, we identified their strategies and we implemented a new system that would prevent these evaders. AuroraRP is now introducing a new enhanced ban system that will affect most of the ban evaders out there. With our enhanced ban system, once our system detects that the player is connected to a banned identifiers, the player will be banned automatically included their newest identifiers linked to their new account. This system will make sure each evaders will have a hard time and have no luck when joining AuroraRP. So far this week, our new enhanced ban system mitigated over 15 players that tried to use new identifiers and hardware identifiers.


To Other Communities (AuroraRP 💖 FiveM PH Communities)

Cheating and evading is not accaptable towards to our new generation today, it lessens the quality and fun of the gameplay. With that, we are happily to announce that we are sharing our two new tools to the whole FiveM Philippines to enhance their cheat detection and lessen their ban evaders.


Feedback towards to new system

Your feedback is very important. If there are any false positive, concerns, or ideas. Feel free to drop a message on our Message Staff Here bot at discord.gg/aurorarp.

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