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AuroraRP V3 - Guides & Changes


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Hello 👋


Introducing AuroraRP V3

It's not reset, it's changes that we apply towards to the server on the up coming version 3. In this guides and changes topic, you'll know the changes that we have made towards to the up coming version. No data will be lost towards to this release.


New inventory system

It's a big step for AuroraRP that our inventory system will be changed to something different and expandibility. This update also implements a lot of new ideas and improvements towards to the community.


With the new inventory system. You can drag and drop easily without any hitch. This inventory system will also let you drop items on the floor too.


The elimination of weapon wheel into a weapon hotbar. You have to press 1 - 5 key binds to trigger or equip the selected items.



The new shop/weapon store. This update includes all shops around the server even the gangs and factions. Just simply drag to your inventory to buy the item.



Law Enforcement Evidence Locker. A new way to put all criminal evidence. Just put the locker number and a inventory will open up.



Dumpster Dive. You can now collect random or put items at any Dumpster.



Weapons have now serial numbers. Serial number of a weapon will depend where you bought it, if it's from illegal, legal, or government owned.


Ammo System. The ammo system is now an item based item. If you have a correct ammo for that weapon, it will automatically reload to your selected/equiped weapon.

AP Pistol 2 - 9mm Ammo

Advanced Rifle - 5.56 Ammo

AP Pistol - 9mm Ammo

Assault Rifle MK2 - 7.62 Ammo

Assault Shotgun - 12 Gauge Ammo

Assault SMG - 5.56 Ammo

Bullpup Rifle - 5.56 Ammo

Bullpup Rifle MK2 - 5.56 Ammo

Bullpup Shotgun - 12 Gauge Ammo

Carbine Rifle - 5.5 Ammo

Carbine Rifle MK2 - 5.56 Ammo
Ceramic Pistol - 9mm Ammo

Combat MG - 5.56 Ammo

Combat MG MK2 - 7.62 Ammo

Combat PDW - 9mm Ammo

Combat Pistol - 9mm Ammo

Combat Shotgun - 12 Gauge Ammo

Double Barrel Shotgun - 12 Gauge Ammo

Double Action Revolver - .38 Long Colt Ammo

Heavy Pistol - .45 ACP Ammo

Heavy Shotgun - 12 Gauge Ammo

Heavy Sniper - .50 BMG Ammo

Heavy Sniper MK2 - .50 BMG Ammo

Machine Pistol - 9mm Ammo

Marksman Pistol - 22

Marksman Rifle - Sniper

Machine Gun - 7.62 Ammo

Mini SMG - 9mm Ammo

Musket - Musket Ammo

Navy Revolver - .44 Magum Ammo

Pistol - 9mm Ammo

Pistol .50 - .50 Ammo

Pistol MK2 - 9mm Ammo

Pump Shotgun - 12 Gauge Ammo

Revolver - .44 Magum Ammo

Sawn Off Shotgun - 12 Gauge Ammo

SMG Mk2 - 9mm Ammo

Sniper Rifle - 7.62 NATO Ammo

SNS Pistol - .45 ACP Ammo

SNS Pistol MK2 - .45 ACP Ammo

Special Carbine - 5.56 Ammo

Special Carbine MK2 - Rifle

Vintage Pistol - 9mm Ammo

Precision Rifle - 7.62 NATO Ammo

Tactical Rifle - 7.62 Ammo




The New Mechanic



The New Chat Interface



The new chat interface can be changed via F1 > Settings.



The New City Hall



Technical Updates

Updated ESX version 1.2 to latest release of ESX. In the state of the art modified ESX framework of AuroraRP, we able to merge the latest version of ESX to our framework.

Compatible layer between ESX 1.2 and ESX latest, can be done via Aurora Framework itself.

Added new inventory system by over extended but heavily modified for AuroraRP.

With the new inventory system in place, we made it compatible and available for all factions and gangs.

The new chat UI is powered by reactjs which should work flawlessly with the new ui.

Added new deferral interface.

Added more state variables across the server and client side.

New exports added to the server.

Added item cooldowns like blue pill, red pill, white pill, etc. to avoid hotkey spamming.

Added new city hall map.

Some bug fixes.

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