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Complaint - di ko nakuha ID nya - Fail RP,

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  • Your steam name
  • Your client identifier
  • Your in-game faction/job
  • Your in-game group/gang
  • The rule(s) this player has broken
    Fail RP,
  • ID or Name of the complained player
    di ko nakuha ID nya
  • Around what time did this incident occur? (Include time-zone & date):
    it happened around 2:10 PM - 2:15 PM June 23, 2022 yung ID ko po non is 520
  • Detailed explanation of what happened

    So nag momotor lang po ako then pumunta ako sa area ng impound to check something, then lumapit sya sakin sabi nya "holdup to holdup to" then nung pababa na ko ng motor ko bumabaril na sya tapos tinaas ko kamay ko pero patuloy nya parin akong binabaril.

  • Proof (Full-screen screenshots or videos):
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