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AuroraRP - Guide Book for EMS


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Aurora Combat Medic

  • EMS will priority robbery over other distress and therefore everyone must value their life.
  • Distress near/inside the red zones will not be attended.
  • If criminals demand EMS to save one of their members, do as they say. But BPM rules are still being applied.
  • Criminals demand to revive one of their member that have 0-5 which is considered dead, and they killed the EMS is considered as fail RP.



For Distress

0 - 5: Considered dead will be Morgue.
6 - 20: Bring to HP, revive and admit
21 and above: Revive on the spot and put Crutches (3 Minutes)


For Robbery site (All robbers down)
0-5: Considered dead
6-10: Will be bought to HP, revived and admitted
11 and above : Revive on the spot + 3 Minutes of Crutches


For Robbery site (Robbers have escaped.)

0-5: Considered dead
6-10: Will be brought to HP, revived and Admitted. 
11 and above : Revive on the spot + 3 Minutes of Crutches



Medical Rules during Robbery/Roleplay

  • If there are 2 or more EMS On Duty, there should be at least 1 Medic (On duty) left in the hospital during a robbery or Joint Operation.
  • LEOs and Medics will inform us via OOC chat if the robbery is clear
  • EMS cannot revive anyone when there is an on-going crime scene/RP. Even if it is an accidental death of a LEO, or a random civilian getting involved.
  • Combat Medic will first be revived by the EMS on the spot.
  • For robbery site, if the criminal's BPM falls to 6 BPM to 10 BPM, he/she will need to be brought to the nearest hospital together with the arresting officer.
  • If The LEOs, Combat Medics, and criminals are all unconscious after a robbery, It will be whoever has the highest BPM who wins.
  • Only the winning party or player that has more than 1 BPM will be brought to the nearest hospital, others will be sent to morgue.
  • All unconscious patients including distress calls with 6 - 10 BPM will need to be brought to the nearest hospital.
  • For Citizens in need of Medical Certificate you may proceed to our 3 hospitals (Pillbox, Sandy and Paleto).
  • For whitelist jobs that's "ON DUTY" (EMS, APD, ACS, FIB, SAF, Weazel News and Mechanic), will not be admitted but still need to be brought to the our nearest hospitals to revive. 
  • For those who will be applying for a whitelist job, you may proceed to our 3 hospitals (Pillbox, Sandy and Paleto) and request for medical check up so we can release a Medical Certificate that you can present to the department you are applying for. 
  • Employees that was away for a couple of days or on leave of absence, they can request for a fit to work to our EMS department after the medical check up.


Prices for their services are to be declared by the EMS department.

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