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AuroraRP - In-Game Key Binds


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Key Binds & Commands

~ - Change voice proximity
F1 - Open Server Information
F2 - Open Inventory
F3 - Open Phone
F4 - Toggle un/mute Aurora Breaking News
F5 - Open MDT Police (Law Enforcement only)
F6 - Open Faction Interaction (certain factions)
F8 - Open FiveM Console
F9 - Open Group Menu
F10 - Open Scoreboard
F11 - Open Radio Menu (If you have a radio)
. (period button) - Hands up
. (period button) - Toggle vehicle options (when in the vehicle)
B - Toggle Seatbelt (when inside the vehicle)
B - Point finger
Hold L - Show Clothes Menu
Y - Cruise Control (when inside the vehicle)
Y - Open trunk inventory (when near vehicle's trunk)
U - Toggle un/lock vehicle
X - Cancel animation
K - Toggle Mask/Helmet/Mask/Glasses
Shift + E - Push Vehicle (total wrecked vehicles)
Hold Caps - Speak to radio
Hold N - Speak to proximity
~ - toggle voice proximity 
C - Toggle Crouch
M - Open Player Interaction
G - Toggle crosshands
T - OOC/Command Chat
- Shows player/s id.

/911 <message> - for law enforcement assistance
/911a <message> - for EMS assistance
/911b <message> - for Mechanic assistance
/ooc <message> - Global OOC Chat
/local <message> - Local OOC Chat
/report <message> - Report an issue to the admin
/me - Talk in me chat
/trunk - Opens trunk
/hood - Opens hood
/engine - Toggle engine
/carry - Carry a person
/piggyback - Piggyback a person

For invoices/fines/parking fines - Press F3 to open your phone then bank > invoices

 You can change your key binds by heading to ESC > Settings > Key Bindings > FiveM.

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