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Because the in-game and home page changelog is getting too long, this topic will contain every recorded update before the days that are in-game and on the home page.

Update records for 2020


Saturday, 2020/04/04
- Adjust respawn time for fib, afp and ems (Chan + Boss Kida)
- Added CJ as supporter. (Staff Team)
- Relocate coke farm site and processing (Chan + Staff Team)
- Cocaine can now sell to local (Staff Team)
- Fixed honcho narco blips (Chan + Gorgonio M)

Friday, 2020/04/03
- Fixed mafia blips (Chan)
- Fixed honcho blips (Chan + Gorgonio M)

Wednesday, 2020/04/01
- Optimized resources. Check #repo-updates for more info. (Curt)
- Added sniper rifle for arpa (Chan + Mayor X)
- Fixed F12 Screenshot. (Curt)

Tuesday, 2020/03/31
- To use cuff, drag and search for criminal. You may aim at the player and press E to open the player's interaction. (Curt)
- Fixed military society storage. (Curt)
- Relocate coke farm site and processing (Chan + Staff Team)
- Enable coke farm and process (Chan + Staff Team)
- Added new gang Honcho Narco (Chan + Staff Team)
- For Mechanics Only: Instead of pressing F6 to impound, bill, etc.. They need to aim at the player or vehicle to open up the interaction menu. (Curt)
- Added tax exception for terrorist. (Curt + X)

Monday, 2020/03/30
- Fixed military armory storage. (Curt)
- Fixed afp respawn point (Chan)
- Fixed ACA inventory. (Curt)
- Fixed helipad teleportation. (Curt)
- Now you can use SHIFT + R to arrest somebody. This is for PNP/ACA/AFP. (Curt)
- Reverted the tackle bind to SHIFT + E. (Curt)
- The bind for tackle is now SHIFT + R. (Curt)
- Military can now depsit/withdraw black money. Next server restart. (Curt)
- Fixed ACA deposit/withdraw weapons. Next server restart. (Curt)
- ACA can now deposit/withdraw black money. (Curt)
- Relocate AFP spawn area when dead (Chan + Defgha)
- Replace PNP/AFP/FIB Mini SMG to SMG (Chan + Boss Kida)

Sunday, 2020/03/29
- Optimized voice system by splitting the channels. (Curt)
- Removed unmarked mustang to fib [Next server restart] (Chan + Mayor X)
- Removed unmarked mustang to afp [Next server restart] (Chan + Mayor X)
- Removed unmarked mustang to pnp [Next server restart] (Chan + Mayor X)
- Adjusted global cooldown to 60 minutes. (Curt)
- If a nearby player client crash, you'll see a notification if they crash or not. (Curt)
- FIB can now use tackle (Chan)
- Change tackle keybind to shift + e (Chan + Mayor X)
- Added clothe shop at HP (Chan)

Saturday, 2020/03/28
- Updated rules and guidelines (F1). For cleaner look, visit: https://aurorav.net/topic/2-aurorarp-guide-book/?tab=comments#comment-2. (Curt)
- Now in F10 (scoreboard), you can see who are the donators and staffs. (Curt)
- Now you can see each player's total playtime on the server. (Curt)
- Re-added player names into F10 but hidden player ids. (Curt)
- Added /card chat. (Curt)
- Arpa respawn time set to 3 minutes and 30 minutes to bleed out. (Curt + X)
- Added more clothes/hair styles for males and females. Effective in next server restart. (Curt + Chada)

Friday, 2020/03/27
- Fixed peak count system. (Curt)
- Disabled country whitelist for now due to FiveM's issue with Discord. (Curt)
- Added AP pistol to police armory (Chan + Boss Kida)
- Moved clothe shop location at PD (Chan + Boss Kida)
- Relocate atm machine at PD (Chan + Boss Kida)

Thursday, 2020/03/26
- Lessen vehicle NPC. (Curt)
- RPG Weapon Ammo is now limited to 5 ammos. (Curt)
- Fixed chair and bed system. (Curt)
- Mechanics can now see police/ambulance/other job's vehicle impound. (Curt)
- relocate mafia base (Chan)
- Update F1 rules (Chan + Gorgonio M)

Wednesday, 2020/03/25
- Update F1 rules (Staff Team)
- Added Cellphone and tracker on store near pd [Next server restart] (Chan + Korean Jesus)
- Added compass to store at Military Base [Next server restart] (Chan + Defgha)

Tuesday, 2020/03/24
- Server upgraded to a new powerful machine. More details at #announcements. (Curt)
- Added a progress bar when you check-in. (Curt)
- Added progress bar when you got admitted. (Curt)
- Fixed admitting system for EMS. (Curt)
- From now on, you need money on hand to use /ad. Price calculation is number_of_players * 8000. (Curt)
- Hospital and the mechanic shop is now safe zone. (Curt + Staff Team)
- Increased vehicle impound again to P500,000. Get a discounted price at the mechanic shop. (Curt + Papabear)
- Increased impound price to P100,000. If you want a discounted price, get your car at the mechanic shop. (Curt)
- Removed tons of unused modded vehicles. (Chan)
- Added /removeplate and /putplate that should remove/put back their vehicle plate when your doing a illegal act. (Curt + Staff Team)
- Update replace Heavy Sniper with Sniper Rifle at AFP (Chan + Defgha)

Monday, 2020/03/23
- Added intractable flatbed. (Curt + Paolito)

Sunday, 2020/03/22
- Added a message that the doctors treating you when checking-in. (Curt)
- Made minutes to seconds for hbed. (Curt)
- Blacklisted the heavy sniper weapon, effective in 6:00pm. (Curt + Staff Team + Community)
- Lowered the npc vehicle generator lowered to 20%. (Curt)
- Fixed the car dealership and it's ready for recruitment. (Curt + Papabear)
- Fixed distress message formatting. More readable and less hassle to read. (Curt)

Saturday, 2020/03/21
- Offline punishments warn/ban will be now shown to the chat. (Curt)
- Changed the check-in bed timer to 120 seconds / 2 minutes. (Curt + X)
- Fixed the stretcher for ems. Now EMS can now put nearby players to their stretcher. (Curt)
- Relocated the EMS Tools to their F6 Citizen Interaction Menu. (Curt)
- Now AFP and the ACA have the ability to /jail and /comserv. (Curt + X)
- AFP and ACA can now unlock/lock cells at the PD. (Curt + X)
- Added compass hud. Buy compass at any convenience store to enable it. (Curt + Russel)

Thursday, 2020/03/19
- Removed akina island and hypnonema map for loading improvements. (Staff Team)
- Fixed rapid transport (Chan)

Wednesday, 2020/03/18
- Added Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk Edition to Car Dealer (PapaBear + Osus)
- Optimized the downloading server assets. Now you'll going to download 164mb of asset when you first connect to the server. (Curt)
- Now the akina map shouldn't download the entire map itself when connecting to the server. (Curt)
- Added Multiple Businesses ranging from 5m to 250m (Osus + PapaBear)
- Changed how map should stream and not to be 'downloaded'. (Curt)
- Fixed gaijin helipad [Next server restart] (Chan)
- Fixed gaijin blackmarket (Chan)
- Added atm machine at pd (Chan + Sunny 써니)
- Adjusted bleeding damage rate. (Curt)

Tuesday, 2020/03/17
- EMS can now respawn in just 1 minute. (Curt)
- Update your FiveM Client Build by just restarting your FiveM! This should fixe the crash code 'kilo-xray-tango'. (FiveM)
- Added gasoline boy. Now you can refuel your vehicle while your at the vehicle. (Curt + X) "Credits daw"
- Added gasoline boy. Now you can refuel your vehicle while your at the vehicle. (Curt)
- Fixed peak system were the total peak count doesn't save. (Curt)
- Re-added /stuck. (Curt)
- Removed meth armor effect (Staff Team)

Monday, 2020/03/16
- Disabled explosion on ban detection for anti-cheat. (Curt)
- Removed paintball [Next server restart] (Chan + Curt)
- Added Lykan Hypersport to Car Dealer (PapaBear + Osus)
- Fixed the admit locations. (Aschii)
- Removed mt. taal at rapid transport (Chan)
- Removed /stuck.
- Added atm machine at fib office (Chan + Boss Kida)
- Removed lake louise (Taal Volcano) map due to object limitation. (Curt)
- Mechanic can now use the command /mcalc for their mechanic calculator. (Curt)
- Updated anti-cheat protection. (Curt)
- Server build updated to 2207. (Curt)

Sunday, 2020/03/15
- Added mechanic calculator in-game. If you are a mechanic, you can open it from F6. (Curt)
- EMS can now type /edead <playerID> for teleporting dead people to morgue. (Curt + Carrot)
- Now its less hassle to record your attendance. Our system will automatically calculate your attendance and send it to the given attendance channel for EMS/Police/ACA/Military. (Curt + Carrot)
- Finally finally finally fixed the player tracker blips again. Please DM Curt if you encounter blip tracker issues again. (Curt)
- BETA STAGE: Added farmer job. (Curt)
- Now staffs can see player damage logs. (Curt)
- Relocate meth farm and processing (Chan)
- Fixed meth process (Chan)

Saturday, 2020/03/14
- Added more verification for blips that should fix player blip leakage. (Curt)
- Reworked the blip creation for infinity mode, now it should reuse the unused blips. (Curt)
- Fixed ambulance on/off duty (Chan)
- Now the status hud hides when the GTAV Menu is visible. (Curt)
- Fixed drug selling price. (Curt + Papabear)
- ACA agents can now use /aca chat. (Curt)
- Fixed gaijin owner management (Chan + Papabear + Gaijin)
- Fixed military notification (Chan)
- Fixed fib notification (Chan)
- Military can now detects if the player either steals an vehicle, fires a weapon or if the player is fighting another player. (Chan)
- FIB can now detects if the player either steals an vehicle, fires a weapon or if the player is fighting another player. (Chan)
- Added Shell, Caltex Gasoline stations [ Next server restart] (Chan)
- Added 3 more fleeca robberies around Los Santos. (Curt)
- Fixed hospital wall [Next server restart] (Chan)
- Fixed ambulance rank/role (Chan)

Friday, 2020/03/13
- Added ACA clothing store. (Curt)
- ACA can now use the off-duty feature. (Curt)
- EMS can now spawn objects. Press F6 > EMS Menu > Object Spawner. (Curt)
- Fixed a bug that ACA cannot store any items in their storage. (Curt)
- Updated body search for ACA, PNP, and Military. (Curt)
- Fixed a bug where terrorist can't drag, search or cuff. (Curt)
- EMS, Police, ACA, and the Military can now use medikit. (Curt)
- Fixed gaijin owner management (Chan + Papabear + Gaijin)
- Added Honda EG to Car Dealer. (Note that this car can only be purchased via Aurora Coins) (Staff Team)
- Added binoculars into the game, buy it from any convenience store. (Curt +  Desu-gan)
- Updated aurora coin limit to 150. (Curt + Papabear)
- Update F1 rules (Staff Team)

Thursday, 2020/03/12
- Increased prepaid phone load balance capacity to P2,000. (Curt)
- Now, you can PASALOAD your prepaid load balance by just text <PHONENUMBER> <AMOUNT> to 2652. E.g. 32-1274 100. (Curt)
- Fixed phone call system. (Curt)
- Added props system. (Curt)
- Fixed police inventory. (Curt + GuRu)
- Fixed Lamborghini Sian Pricing (PapaBear)
- Added Lamborghini Sian to the Car Dealer (PapaBear + Osus + Chan)

Wednesday, 2020/03/11
- Added Bugatti Veyron to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added Audi RS7 Sportback Widebody to Car Dealer (PapaBear + Osus)
- Added clothe shop at FIB office (Chan + Boss Kida)
- Fixed FIB bulletproof (Chan + Boss Kida)

Tuesday, 2020/03/10
- Fixed fib cloakroom location (Chan + Boss Kida)
- Fixed fib armory location (Chan + Boss Kida)
- Removed all existing blazer5 (Chan + Staff Team)
- Removed blazer sports (blazer5) to Vehicle shop (Staff Team)
- Fixed ability to upgrade fib vehicles (Chan + Boss Kida)
- Updated marijuana selling price. (Curt)
- Updated public pharmacy location. (Curt)
- Updated weapon list for police and military. (Curt)
- Police can now deposit black money into their storage and only police chiefs can withdraw the black money inside their storage. Effective in next server restart. (Curt)

Monday, 2020/03/09
- Added gauze item at the public pharmacy. (Curt)
- Now you can play copyright music for the /vipmusic command. It also now shows the title of the song when you play it. (Curt)
- Donator L2 can now create their own 3d speaker (aka 'hifi'). Commands: /vipmusic <youtubeVideoID>, /vipmusicvol <0-100>, and /vipmusicstop. E.g. /vipmusic zj-cLpCdWaM. (Curt)
- As a trial we removed the safe zone in hospital and the public garage. (Curt) 
- Fixed fib armory location (Chan + Boss Kida)
- Added FIB guns per rank/role (Chan + Curt)
- FIB can now lock and unlock there vehicles (Chan + Curt)
- Gauze is now available at the EMS' pharmacy. (Curt)
- Terrorist can now search people by going to F6 > Citizen Interaction. (Curt)
- EMS can now revive players without a medikit. (Curt)
- Disabled medickit. (Curt)
- Added gauze item. You can get gauze item at the EMS. (Curt)

Sunday, 2020/03/08
- Added Hyundai Veloster to Car Dealer (Chan + PapaBear + Osus)
- Re-added fast downloading caching server. Now it downloads the server cache way more faster than before. (Curt)
- ACA Agents can now see their own map blips (color gray) and also they can see AFP and Police map blips. (Curt)
- If you are stuck at the loading screen or at the void. Please type /stuck. (Curt)

Saturday, 2020/03/07
- Fixed the GTAV Native Vehicle shop. (Curt)
- Another hotfix has been pushed for player blips. (Curt)
- Donators have now the "AuroraRP Premium" rich presence in discord instead of "AuroraRP". (Curt)

Friday, 2020/03/06
- Added bagpack (Chan)
- Removed Chevy Camaro COPO Drag due to a bug (PapaBear)
- Added Ford Focus RS, Chevy Camaro COPO Drag to Car Dealer (PapaBear + Chan)
- Fixed loading screen doesn't exit it self after a new player joins in. (Curt)
- Disabled OneSync Infinity as the majority voted. Expect to have 10-30 FPS. (Curt)
- Fixed military can now buy speedboat (Chan + Defgha)

Thursday, 2020/03/05
- Added Hiking bag [Next server restart] (Chan + X)
- Fixed EK9 texture (Chan)
- Added Police vest (Chan + Curt)
- You can now instant buy GTAV Native vehicles at the old vehicle shop. But for the aurora cars, it will be only be sold at the Aurora Car Dealer. (Curt)
- Updated loading screen ui. Now, it now shows the progress when scripts are loading. (Curt)
- Fixed military job impound (Chan)
- Added NPC into stores. (Curt + Chan)

Wednesday, 2020/03/04
- Update F1 rules (Chan + Staff Team)
- Added MK II and Special Carbines to Police weap shop (Chan + Sunny + Police)
- Added Military Vehicles impound at AFP Base (Chan + X)
- Black market is now public and relocated. Find the new location! (Curt)
- From now on, you may use the aurora coin to pay for cars at the car dealer and upgrades at the mech shop. The current value of the Aurora coin will be applied. Go to the Car Dealer for more details (Staff Team)

Tuesday, 2020/03/03
- Added safe zone at central public garage. (Curt)
- Updated and fixed Principal Bank Robbery. (Curt)
- Now illegal shops are now restricted to your respective gang/job. (Curt)
- Now you can add additional owners/access to your house. Just go inside your house and type /givekeys. To revoke their key just type /takekeys. A instructional message will guide you. (Curt)
- Added ACA FIB as one of the requirement to rob yacht, jewelry, banks  (Chan + X
- Added more houses for sale. (Curt)
- Update F1 rules (Staff Team)
- Added mask shop to afp base (Chan + X + AFP)
- Adde
- Added ACA FIB to scoreboard (black detective emoji) (Chan + X)
- Added atm to terrorist base (Chan + X + Terrorist)
- Added headbag to terrorist (Chan + X + Terrorist)

Monday, 2020/03/02
- Now you can edit the furniture that you placed in your house. To edit, goto your house then type /housebuild. (Curt)
- When buying house furniture, the furniture will now spawn near you. This will help for those who cannot see the furniture when they bought it. (Curt)
- Fixed a bug where all players can hear vehicle siren for police. (Curt)
- Update terrorist paycheck [Next server restart] (Chan + X + Terrorist)
- Added mask store to terro base (Chan + X + Terrorist)
- Added gatelock to terrorist base (Chan + X + Terrorist)

Sunday, 2020/03/01
- Now you can play music at your house! Just type /housemusic <youtubeID>. E.g.: /housemusic 2kFNGAEo45Q. (Curt)
- Added afp checkpoints [Next server restart] (Chan + X)
- Added store at terro base (Chan + X)
- Added housing system. You can now get a house and personal garage in-game and you can also design your own house interior! Just like in Adorable Home but not in a stressful way. Available commands for housing: /invite <id> to invite someone to your house. (Curt)
- Updated F1 rules. (Staff Team)
- Added stun gun to afp (Chan + X + AFP)
- Fixed aca vehicle spawner location (Chan + Boss Kida)
- Fixed aca helipad location (Chan + Boss Kida)
- Added polmav to aca helipad (Chan + Boss Kida)

Saturday, 2020/02/29
- Fixed terrorist spawn point and spawn time (Chan + X + Terrorist)
- Added concert stage near PB [Next server restart] (Chan + Papabear + Staff Team)
- Optimized door lock system. (Curt)
- Added taxes for account data. Account data includes your apartment's stored money, gang's stored money, and job's stored money. (Curt + Staff Team)
- Relocated the entire boss interaction menu position for businesses. (Curt)

Friday, 2020/02/28
- Added siren commands for terrorist. (Curt)
- Fixed /me chat. (Curt)
- Added terrorist helipad [Next server restart] (Chan + X + Terrorist)
- Fixed mafia gang storage [Next server restart] (Chan + Papabear)
- Updated the player blip algorithm. Now it should fix the missing player blips. (Curt)
- Updated and fixed the radio vehicle station. (Curt)
- Moved blips/markers the central garage. (Curt)
- Added lock pick, hacker laptop, and thermal charge to the black market. (Curt)
- Updated Principal Bank Robbery. Now it has method 1 and method 2 to rob the bank. For the method one, you need a 1x laptop and 3x thermal charge and the second method is you need 3x lockpick. (Curt)
- Added support for mk2 weapons. (Curt + Osus)
- Added global 30 minutes cooldown for yacht robbery, bank robbery, atm robbery, and humane labs robbery. (Curt)
- Increased police/afp required at principal bank (Chan + Papabear)

Thursday, 2020/02/27
- Added ACA FIB whitelisted job [Next server restart] (Chan + Staff Team)
- Added FIB teleport (Chan)
- Added FBI teleport (Chan)
- Police can now add sirens on their own personal vehicles. Access it by going to M > Open ELS. (Curt)

Wednesday, 2020/02/26
- Server build updated to 2116. (Curt + FiveM)
- Added /terro chat. Now terrorist can use /terro. (Curt)
- Updated chat styles. (Curt)
- Fixed tracker blip system. (Curt)
- Added hospital admitting system for EMS. To admit someone, type "/hbed <playerID> <bedID> <timeSeconds> <reason>". To release someone type "/hrelease <playerID>". The bed id range is 1 to 10. Example command: /hbed 531 3 300 sick. (Curt)
- Loera can now sell weapon components. (Curt)
- Removed weapon components in weapon shop. (Curt)
- You can now equip weapon component items in F2. (Curt)
- Lowered vehicle npc amount. (Curt)

Tuesday, 2020/02/25
- Pendrive is now available at the black market. (Curt)
- Crowbar is now available at the 7/11 stores. (Curt)
- Added ATM Robbery. A minimum of one police is required to rob an ATM and you need to buy a crowbar at the store. (Curt)
- Voice indicator is now rainbow. (Curt)
- Fixed a bug when player cannot revive by just using one medkit. (Curt)
- Relocated Rapid transport locations. (Osus)
- Relocated DL5 teleports. (Osus)
- Instead of using the ooc to report a player, please use /report <complain> instead [e.g. /report fail rp]. (Curt)
- Added teleport (DL5) going to Mt. Akina and Taal Volcano (Lake Louise). (Osus)
- Opium field and processing moved to another area. (Curt + Loera)
- Updated loading screen. Now you can see the progress bar. (Curt)
- Got nothing todo? Got a date? No worries we got you! Introducing Los Santos Bowling. Opens at next server restart. (Curt)
- Made NPC much calmer than before. (Curt)
- Kida has passed the probation staff and been promoted to Staff Team. (Curt)
- Korean Jesus has passed the probation staff and been promoted to Staff Team. (Curt)
- Defgha has passed the probation staff and been promoted to Staff Team. (Curt)
- Added the ability to manually reload the job list and item list. So when we add a new jobs/items, we will not require any server restart. (Curt)

Monday, 2020/02/24
- Added public garage at the back of legion square. (Curt)
- Made player blips more colorful. Player blips are gang blips and job blips. (Curt)
- Added military/AFP boat spawner. (Curt + AFP)
- Added public garage at Bolingbroke Penitentiary. (Curt + Peachy)
- You can now buy weapon's components. Illegal and legal weapon shops. (Curt)
- Fixed tracker bug. (Curt + Spider)
- The military and police can now see each other in map blips again. (Curt)
- From now on, you cannot talk in ooc while your dead. (Curt + Russel)
- Re-enabled explosions. Next server restart. (Curt)
- Fixed hypnonema again. Please don't adjust the screens settings jeez! (Curt)
- The mafia now handles the super soldier chocolate item. (Curt)
- Added a new item 'Super Soldier Chocolate', that gives you 50% armor. Available in next server restart. (Curt + Staff Team)
- Fixed gang map blips. (Curt)
- Removed required cops while harvesting and transforming meth/opium. (Curt)
- Increased npc ped population. (Curt)

Sunday, 2020/02/23
- Fixed tracker blip system. (Curt)

Saturday, 2020/02/22
- Fixed weapon damage. (Curt)
- Added Rolls Royce Sweptail, Bentley Fly Spur 2014, Ford Expedition to Car Dealer (PapaBear + Chan)
- Added Rolls Royce Wraith to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Adjusted some stuff on ac. (Curt)
- Fixed ambulance system. Mistakenly removed a piece of code that cause respawn errors. (Curt)
- Added vehicle disk break light (Chan)

Friday, 2020/02/21
- Fixed voice proximity system. Now you can clearly hear them. (Curt)
- Disabled radio on voice proximity due to not compatible with onesync infinity. (Curt)
- Made a new way to see player's map blips due to onesync infinity compatibility issues. (Curt)
- Enabled onesync infinity. Players will now experience higher FPS even there are a lot of players online, this is because of 'ped culling'. (Curt)
- Enabled voice indicator when talking (Staff Team)
- Added doorlock to morgue (Staff Team + EMS)
- Added morgue located at lower hp (Staff Team + EMS)
- Added Humane Lab Robbery. Rules for humane labs to be followed later on. (Curt + Staff Team)
- Fixed handling of some high cost cars at the Car dealer (PapaBear + Chan + Osus)
- Updated Vangelico Robbery rewards. (Curt + Staff Team)
- Updated rewards for bank robbery. (Curt + Staff Team)

Thursday, 2020/02/20
- Fixed discord ticketing system bot. (Curt)
- Fixed player list channel. (Curt)
- Fixed phone language. (Curt)
- You are now required to buy a prepaid load to able to text and call to someone. You can buy Globe Load at any convience store. To check your prepaid balance, text 222. To subscribe to a promo code, text 8080. The rates are: P1 per text and P7 per 30 sec call. (Curt)
- Fixed for speedometer fuel gauge for overwriting the fuel script. (Curt)

Wednesday, 2020/02/19
- Instead of the aurora logo in the avatar in player hud. Now it shows your character face. (Curt)
- Increased  check in price at hospital (Chan)
- Updated vehicle hud design. (Curt)
- Moved slaughterer cloak room (Chan)
- Financing is now available at the car dealer. For more info, ask the dealer. (Curt)
- Updated and fixed a bug on taxes. (Curt)
- Updated required cops for selling drugs to NPC. (Curt)
- Now police and military can now see both of their map blips. #134 (Curt)
- Increased trucker reward (Chan + Papabear)
- Increase pilot reward (Chan + Papabear)
- Added police/afp training ground located at port [Next server restart] (Chan + X + AFP/PNP)
- Increased aurora news paycheck [Next server restart] (Chan + Papabear)

Tuesday, 2020/02/18
- Added Ford Mustang GT Circuit Edition (wide body), Honda CBR-1000RR 2020 to Car Dealer (PapaBear + Osus)
- Moved mechanic boss blip [Next server restart] (Chan + Mechanic)
- Added Suzuki Hayabusa to Car Dealer (PapaBear + Osus)
- Added Aurora Cars Pricelist to Aurora Cars Channel on discord! (PapaBear)
- Fixed afp helicopter (Chan)
- Server is now supported with IPv6! If your ISP supports IPv6, you may direct connect to this ip: ipv6.aurorav.net. (Curt)

Monday, 2020/02/17
- Added Nissan GTR R35 to Car Dealer (Staff Team)
- Added Toyota Supra, Toyota Camry Custom, Chevorlet Corvette C8 to Car Dealer (Staff Team)
- Fixed some missing custom clothes (Chan)
- Moved mechanic boss blip [Next server restart] (Chan + Mechanic)
- Added Heli with rappel to AFP [Next server restart] (Chan + AFP + X)
- Added tackle to military (Chan + AFP)

Sunday, 2020/02/16
- From now on, only cosmetics are available at /viplscustom. (Curt)
- Added cooldown usage for /viplscustoms. (Curt)

Saturday, 2020/02/15
- And ang inaantay ninyong lahat, Added Nissan GTR R35 Liberty Walk Edition to Car Dealer (PapaBear + Osus)
- Added Audi R8 V10 Liberty Walk Edition to Car Dealer (Osus + PapaBear)
- Added McLaren 650 Spider Liberty Walk Edition to Car Dealer (Osus + PapaBear)
- Added Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk Edition to Car Dealer (Osus + PapaBear)
- From now on, pet system can be accessed through the player interaction [M key bind]. (Curt)
- Now all key binds can now be customized through ESC > Settings > Key Bindings > FiveM. (Curt)
- Redefined all scripts that has key binds. (Curt)
- Update server rules [F1] (Staff Team)
- fixed skyline upgrade/cosmetic bug [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- We made simplier to screenshot your game! Press F12, and it will screenshot your gameplay. All screenshots will automatically upload to Aurora Photos https://photos.aurorav.net. (Curt)
- Added r18 shared animation (Staff Team)
- Change dp emotes text to Aurora Animations (Staff Team)
- Added Ferrari GTO 1962, Ferrari GTO 1984, Ferrari 488 Speedster, Ferrari F430 Spider, Ferrari F40 to Car Dealer (PapaBear + Osus)

Friday, 2020/02/14
- From now on, you can only own 2 businesses. (Curt + Papabear)
- From now on, police/ems/gangs members should purchase the 'Tracker' item to able to see the member's blip on the map. Tracker can be purchased at the 7/11. Next server restart. (Curt)
- Portion of the city hall is now safe zone. (Curt)
- If someone is talking over the in-game radio, you can now hear them clearly on what they are saying. (Curt)

Thursday, 2020/02/13
- Added RX-7 Twerk to Car Dealer (Osus + PapaBear)
- Fixed phone calls system. (Curt)
- Added command /selldrugs to activate NPC selling drugs. We did this way, because of the optimization. (Curt)
- Updated businesses rewards per hour and stock prices. (Curt)
- OOC chat is now filtered. (Curt)
- Updated ac system. (Curt)

Wednesday, 2020/02/12
- Optimized some client side scripts that should increase your FPS. (Curt)
- Added Yamaha XJ6, Yamaha FZ6, TMRACING SuperMotard, Suzuki SS750. Kawasaki Z750 to Car Dealer (All Motorcylces) (PapaBear)

Tuesday, 2020/02/11
- Added Porsche Panamera Turbo, Porsche Cayenne, and Optimus Prime to Car Dealer (Chan + PapaBear + Mama Mo)
- Added Toyota Levin 86 to Car Dealer (Osus+PapaBear)
- Added some image to vanilla unicorn drinks (Staff Team)
- Fixed usable vanilla unicorn drinks [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Added make it rain (tip for strippers) [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Added Stretched JDM Tires [Next server restart] (Chan + Osus)
- Added vstancer [Next server restart] (Chan + Papabear)
- Added gucci shirt, nike hoodie, supreme hoodie, kenzo, philipp plein [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Added helicopter spawn at La Fuente Blanca. [Next server restart] (Osus) 
- Added restaurant [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Added gokart map [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Fixed dodge charger f8 [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Fixed mfc rhd issue [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Increase price of chicken, shark, turtle, fish, plank, copper, iron, gold, diamond, clothe (Chan + PapaBear)
- Removed shop at hp (Staff Team)
- Removed atm at hp [Staff Team]
- Fixed selling drugs to NPC reward. (Curt)

Monday, 2020/02/10
- Updated the deferral system. Made it more modernize by using adaptive cards. (Curt)
- Disable shops on bars except vanilla unicorn (Staff Team)
- Update EMS paycheck [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Update AFP paycheck [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Update strippers paycheck [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Fixed car dealership issue that failed to change the plate number after the sale. (Curt)
- Removed company's percentage cut for taxi. (Curt)

Sunday, 2020/02/09
- Added Sunny/Brother Bear as Probation Staff. (Head Staff)
- Adjusted hospital's safe zone. (Curt)
- Adjusted taxi job NPC Mission salary. (Curt + Staff Team)
- Increased police paycheck [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Added jail cell locks for the new PD. (Curt)
- Relocated the entire car dealership to the new dealership. (Curt)
- Relocated the entire PD markers to the new PD. (Curt)
- Added new car dealership building. (Curt)
- Added new city hall map. (Curt)
- Added new police department building. (Curt)
- Added Lamborghini Centenario, Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, Mclaren 570s Vorsteiner to Car Dealer (Osus + PapaBear + Chan)
- Added Instagram app onto the phone. (Curt)
- Adjusted Combat EMS' armory ammo. (Curt)
- Adjusted AFP's armory ammo. (Curt)
- Added clothes system at AFP Base. (Curt)
- Added cloakroom for AFP at LSPD. (Curt)
- Since cron doesn't work well, we made our own timer system for business system. Now it should work well than before. Available in next server restart. (Curt)

Saturday, 2020/02/08
- Head Staffs has now the ability to re-run the business triggers. (Curt)
- Removed player id on OOC chat and removed the player name when you post an advertisement. (Curt)
- Added Honda Africa Twin to CarDealer (Osus Ni PapaBear)
- Added Rolls Royce Dawn, Rolls Royce Cullinan, and Bentley Bentayga to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added Kawasaki Ninja H2R to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added GMC Topkick, GMC Sierra, Pagani Zonda LMR, Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, Aston Martin Vanquish, KTM XBOW to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added Maseratti Qatroporte to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added BMW M3E46 to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added Lotus Exige, Lotus es1 to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added Mazda MX Miata to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Optimized some client side scripts. For FPS increase. (Curt)
- Added and opened weed farm for everybody. (Curt)
- The originals members can now access/respond to our player's ticket in discord. (Curt)
- Randomize selling drugs to NPC. (Curt)

Friday, 2020/02/07
- Fixed business system. (Curt)
- Reverted back some changes on voice chat. This should fix voice chat issues. (Curt)
- Relocated the entire bennys to another new location. Next server restart. (Curt)
- Added new bennys map. Available in next server restart. (Curt)
- Fixed chat issue. (Curt)

Thursday, 2020/02/06
- Removed Christmas tree in hp [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Added kfc [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Added starbucks near hypnonema [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Fixed mk2100 (Staff Team)
- Fixed 180sx handling [Next server restart] (Staff Team)

Wednesday, 2020/02/05
- Now you won't hear any "ear-rape" (hearing everyone's voice) while joining into the game. (Curt)
- Made changes into the core server settings. (Curt)
- Voice chat is now set to whisper as default and also removed face directional checking for voice. (Curt)
- Added EMS will notify when having robbery at jewelry[Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Added EMS will notify when having robbery at yacht [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Added a command to remove all saved clothes, type /removeallclothes. This should fix if your clothes system is bugged. (Curt)
- Defgha (aka Azores) added as a Probation Staff. (Head Staff)
- Added military as one of the requirement to rob yacht, jewelry, banks [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Fixed police unmarked vehicle [Next server restart] (Staff Team)

Tuesday, 2020/02/04
- Added whitelisted job aurora stippers  [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Optimized the entire modded vehicles. (Curt)
- Fixed modded vehicles aren't spawning in-game. (Curt)

Monday, 2020/02/03
- Added tax system. The government will automatically invoice you. (Curt)
- Now you won't receive business paychecks while your AFK in-game. (Curt)
- Added LX570 Iron Wall Edition to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added Lexus LX570 to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added Lexus LC500 to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added different lscustoms [check map] (Staff Team)
- Update F1 rules (Staff Team)
- Adjust impound price (Staff Team)
- Fuel price hike (StaffTeam)
- Update F1 rules (Staff Team)
- Update taxi job uniform [Next server restart] (Staff Team)

Sunday, 2020/02/02
- Added Gaijin helicopter spawner. (Curt)
- Adjusted Mechanic Prices to better suit city's economy (PapaBear)
- Adjusted Car Dealer prices to better suit the city's economy (PapaBear)
- Updated our staff ranks into just Head staff, Staff Team and Probation Staff. (Curt)

Saturday, 2020/02/01
- Added doorlock on Car Dealer HQ (Staff Team)
- Update car dealer rapid transport [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Sorry Lancer Evo VI pala yun hindi XI awit (PapaBear)
- Added Lancer Evolution XI to Car Dealer (Lots of cosmetics) (Osus + PapaBear + BERLIN)
- Added Harley Davidson Springer Softail to Car Dealer (Staff team)
- Added Harley Davidson Fatboy to Car Dealer (Staff)

Friday, 2020/01/31
- Added 53 JDM rims under sports wheel type [Next server restart] (Chan)
- Fixed all right handed drive cars [Next server restart] (Chan)
- Optimized Aurora voice system, by seperating into three threads of 'checking' functions. Now it should have a significant increase into your FPS. (Curt)
- Terrorists has now the ability to sell sticky bombs. Next server restart. (Curt)
- Added 'car dealer' job and relocated the car dealership to the old AuroraRPS1 Car Dealership building. Available in next server restart. (Curt)

Thursday, 2020/01/30
- Optimized and fixed a lag on vehicle lock system. (Curt)
- Replace combat ems pistol [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Fixed bahama bar doors [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Fixed military boss blips [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Fixed a bug were you cannot expand your radar (key bind del). (Curt)
- Fixed business system. (Curt)
- Added GSR (Gun Short Residue) for police. This allows members of the police to run a GSR test to see if a citizen has shot a gun within a certain amount of time. [Next server restart] (Curt)
- Added /shuff to re-enable change seats. (Curt + Gh0sT)
- Added a paintball mini game (located at boiling point) [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Fixed military blips [Next server restart] (Staff Team)

Wednesday, 2020/01/29
- Now you can expand your mini map radar. Press Del, to expand and unexpand. (Curt + iTorr)
- Added more female hair styles. (Curt + Ivana)
- Added business system. Now you can get a business from one of our maps e.g. Restaurants, Mcdos, Stores, etc. (Curt + Lazaaa)
- Increased all robbery rewards [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Players can now loot a dead body. Press M > Handcuffs > Search. (Curt + Pukoy)
- Added /roll command to roll a dice. (Curt + Vin)

Tuesday, 2020/01/28
- Now you cannot see player's name on F2 inventory hud. It will just show their player id. Next server restart. (Curt)
- A new bind for tackle is now Shift + G. Next server restart. (Curt)
- Tackle can now be used for EMS. Next server restart. (Curt)

Monday, 2020/01/27
- Update AFP role/rank [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Update AFP 
- Added missing inventory item images. (Curt)

Sunday, 2020/01/26
- Our website is now available! Visit https://aurorav.net. (Curt)
- Added La Fuenta Blanca base/gang into the server. (Curt)
- Update Aurora ARPA rank/role [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Server build updated to 2012. Next server restart. (Curt + FiveM Team)

Saturday, 2020/01/25
- Replace Combat EMS Weapon. (Curt)
- Added train driver into the scorebaord. (Curt)
- Choo... Chooo.. Added train driver job. Train Controls: W - Increase Speed, S - Decrease Speed, and X - Full Break. (Curt)

Friday, 2020/01/24
- Added armored truck robbery. (Curt + Players)
- Added car thief, now you can steal a vehicle. To start the robbery, go to the red weapon and vehicle blip on the map. Near the trucker job. (Curt)
- Removed give, drop, and use functions when your looking at your vehicle's trunk inventory. This should avoid item duplication. (Curt)
- From now on, if you combat log while dead, your inventory will be cleared out. (Curt)
- Added Yeezy shoes to clothe shop [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Added Air force shoes to clothe shop [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Added Air jordan shoes to clothe shop [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Added Air max shoes to clothe shop [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Fixed only supreme, commander, rebel leader terrorist can access armory [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Added Aurora Terrorist [Next server restart] (Staff Team)

Thursday, 2020/01/23
- Added peak system! From now on, when our player count peaks, you'll receive rewards. To know our peak, type /peak. (Curt)
- Added a cooldown when you transfer weapons/items to your vehicle trunk. This should prevent item duplication exploit. (Curt)
- Fixed RHD vehicles error [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Added headbag at blackmarket [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Added Electric Scooter to Car Dealer (PapaBear + Osus)

Wednesday, 2020/01/22
- Disabled auto destroy vehicle for anti-cheat. (Curt)
- Added AuroraRP in-game anti-cheat. This should prevent mod menus, lua injectors and etc. This anti-cheat is also connected to the global bans. (Curt)
- Added Honda CBR 2017 to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added BMW Z4 Alchemist to Car Dealer (no ups, no cosmetics, widebody) (Osus + PapaBear)
- Added Yamaha NMAX to Car Dealer (PapaBear + Osus)
- Added Lamborghini Gallardo Superlegera to Car Dealer (PapaBear + Osus)
- Added GoKart to Car dealer (Osus + PapaBear)
- Fixed mafia boss blips [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Fixed voice proximity system were your vc proximity is stuck to normal. (Curt)
- Removed cityhall and port road objects (Staff Team)
- Removed crosshair. (Staff Team)
- Fixed afp boss blips (Staff Team)
- Re-added crosshair. (Curt + Chanchan)
- Added a feature that gangs can spawn a helicopter from their base. If they have a aircraft spawner. (Curt)
- Added Aurora Church [Next server restart] (Staff Team)

Tuesday, 2020/01/21
- Optimized some scripts. Check #repo-updates for more info. (Curt)
- 182 Custom wheels already implemented (Staff Team)
- Added Toyota JZX100 to Car Dealer (PapaBear + Osus)
- Fixed delete point at afp garage (Staff Team)
- Fixed null car name [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Brigadier General can access afp boss blip [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Update AFP role/rank [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Added 182 custom wheels [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Added Nissan 180sx  (Tons of cosmetics, drift car) to Car Dealer (Osus ni PapaBear)
- Added On / Off duty for afp [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Added Police Mustang. (Osus)
- Added garage at afp base [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Added atm machine at afp base (Staff Team)
- Fixed doorlock system (Staff Team)
- Fixed military blips [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Added shop system at mcdo (Staff Team)
- Now Gaijin has access to the black market. (Curt)
- Fixed ambulance inventory system. Available in next server restart. (Curt)

Monday, 2020/01/20
- Added Lamborghini Diablo GTR (Special price for 3 days) to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added Porsche Boxster (Convertible) to Car Dealer (PapaBear)

Sunday, 2020/01/19
- Updated loading screen background music. (Curt)
- Added Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X to Car Dealer (Staff team)
- Fixed Gaijin car spawn. (Osus)
- Added wardrobe at the ISIS base. (Curt)
- Added /afp chat for AFP. (Curt)
- Disabled changing seats when the driver leaves. (Curt + X)
- Added Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X to Car Dealer (Staff team)
- Added Dodge Ram 2019 Off-road Edition to Car Dealer (Staff team)
- Added Mazda Speed3 to Car Dealer (with cosmetics) (Staff team)
- Added Range Rover Evoque to Car Dealer (Staff team)
- Increased the medkit and bandage limit. (Curt)
- Added EMS Combat Medic. (Curt + EMS Team)
- Added Lexus GS350 to Car Dealer (PapaBear + Osus)
- Added Kia Koup to Car Dealer (PapaBear + Osus)
- Added Lamborghini Urus to Car Dealer (Staff Team)
- Added Ferrari California (Convertible) to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Updated EMS Ranks. Will be available in next server restart. (Curt)
- Crafting medkit and bandage will be limited to The Surgeon General rank only. (Curt + EMS Team)
- Added Scuderia Glickenhaus SG003S to Car Dealer (PapaBear + Osus)
- Adjusted Maseratti MC12 price for 2 days only (Special Sale) (PapaBear)
- Updated NPC mission salary for taxi driver. (Curt)
- Made faster to holster your weapons for the police. (Curt)

Saturday, 2020/01/18
- Added Gaijin vehicles. [Next server restart] (Osus ni PapaBear) 
- Added Tesla Model S to Car Dealer (PapaBear + X)
- Added Porsche 911 Speedster to Car Dealer (PapaBear + Osus)
- Added Dodge Tomahawk Vision Concept Car to Car Dealer (Osus ni PapaBear)
- Added Mazda RX-7 to Car Dealer (PapaBear + Osus)
- Added Mclaren P1 GTR to Car Dealer (PapaBear + Osus)
- Added Lamborghini Huracan LP-610 to Car Dealer (PapaBear + Osus)
- There seems to be an error when you customize the GTR R35, removed it from the Car Dealer temporarily (Staff Team)
- Added Volkswagen Beetle to Car Dealer (PapaBear + Osus)
- Added Nissan GTR R35 2017 to Car Dealer (PapaBear + Osus)
- Added AFP into scoreboard. (Curt)
- Added Chevorlet Camaro Exorcist to Car Dealer (PapaBear + Osus)
- Removed Lincoln Navigator from Car Dealer (Texture Bugs) (Gorgs + PapaBear)

Friday, 2020/01/17
- Added Police Escalade to PD spawn car. (Osus)
- Added McDonalds map. Available in next server restart. (Curt)
- Now players can now see gang bases and also you can now see their red zones. (Curt)
- Fixed illegal drug system meth for Mafia. (Curt)
- #MalasakitParaSaBatangas AuroraRP is now looking for donations for the evacuees of Taal Volcano Eruption in Batangas. Visit #announcement for more information. (AuroraRP Team)
- Updated main menu of AuroraRP. (Curt)
- From now on, when you invite a player into your gang, the invited player must type the command /acceptinvite. If you are a gang member and wanted to leave the gang, you can now leave the gang by typing /leavegang. (Curt)
- Optimized player gang blips. (Curt)
- Removed Lincoln Navigator from Car Dealer (Texture Bugs) (Gorgs + PapaBear)
- Added Maseratti MC12 to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added Fleetwood RV (pang outing ng barkada) to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added Dodge Ram 4x4 to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added Ford Mustang Eleanor to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added Ford Superduty to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added Mercedes Benz AMG GT Mansory Edition to Car Dealer
- Added Mini Cooper to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added Lincoln Navigator to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added Hummer H1 to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added Mitsubishi Pajero to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added Aston Martin Vantage GT12 to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added Aston Martin DB9 to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added Audi R8 LMS to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added 1999 Dodge Viper to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added BMW X6 to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Osus added as a trial developer. (Head Dev)
- Added Gaijin vehicle spawn car. (Osus)

Thursday, 2020/01/16
- Updated vehicle shop user interface. (Curt)
- Successfully imported 380+ vehicles names into GTAV Native. Now some cars won't show as "null". (Curt)
- Relocated the street label and ID label to the bottom right of your screen. (Curt)
- Updated F10 scoreboard design. (Curt)
- Fixed phone calls system. (Curt)
- Added gas pump at the Mt. Akina and also added a public garage. (Curt)
- Added gang blips. The gang blips are color yellow. (Curt + Dashiru)
- Added Mt. Akina map for drifters and racers. It is located near Paleto Bay. Check it out!
- Added NSX Custom to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added Pagani Huayra Roadster to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added Koenigsegg Regera to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added BMW I8 Roadster AC Schnitzer to Cardealer (PapaBear)
- Added BMW I8 AC Schnitzer to Cardealer (PapaBear)
- Added 1986 Porsche P959 (with ups and cosmetics) to Car Dealer, price will increase on sunday (PapaBear)
- Fixed /vipgarage bug for not spawning the vehicle. (Curt)
- Added 2019 Ford Mustang GT to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Repriced Jeep Wrangler at the Car Dealer. Sale has ended (PapaBear)

Wednesday, 2020/01/15
- Added 2019 Audi RS5 to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Added helicopter rappel for police (Staff Team)

Tuesday, 2020/01/14
- Added BMW F82 M4 to Car Dealer (Next server restart) (PapaBear + Chan)
- Fixed an exploit were you can rapid fire. (Curt)
- Added Mcdo Food Stand [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Removed bmw motorcycle duplicate [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Added 2008 Toyota Camry, perfect for players who just joined the server (PapaBear)
- Added new police fines (Staff Team)
- Remove fuel consumption on trucks (Staff Team)
- Added Aurora news map blip [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Added voice proximity status into the bottom right. (Curt)
- Optimized voice system. (Curt)
- Added 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8 to Car Dealer (PapaBear)
- Fixed some bugs on our voice system. (Curt)
- Added 2012 Jeep Wrangler to Car dealer (Limited time discounted price for 2 days) (PapaBear)
- Added additional vending machine at the hospital. (Curt + Aschii)
- Added 1990 Subaru Legacy to vehicle shop. (Papabear)
- Updated dpEmotes version. To access list of emotes, Press M > Animations. Also you can /e <emote>. (Curt)
- Fixed a bug were you get teleported again to the jail if you get unjail. (Curt)
- Fixed vip garage point. (Curt)
- Fixed apartment inventory item duplication bug. (Curt)
- Fixed missing bodies blips for ems. (Curt)
- Now you can see what our developers doing and see what is been done at #repo-updates. (Curt)
- Fixed jewel price (Staff Team)
- Added 350+ modded vehicles into the game. If your game is frozen, you need to change your GTAV texture quality to normal. (Curt + Papabear)
- Changed the server name to "AuroraRP Philippines Cops 'n' Robbers, Military, Terrorists, Gangs, Civilians | discord.aurorav.net". (Aurora Players)

Monday, 2020/01/13
- Fixed auto revive bug. (Curt)
- Fixed ambulance job respawn. (Curt)
- Fixed a bug when you can escape from the jail. (Curt + Papabear)
- Now there's a indication if you joined a gang in the top right hud. (Curt)
- Added Gaijin gang system and base. (Curt)
- Added Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX to vehicle shop (Staff Team)
- Added in-depth server logs for staff that includes adding/removing/modifying your inventory/bank/cash/more. (Curt)
- Fixed slaughterer uniform [Next server restart] (Staff Team)

Sunday, 2020/01/12
- Added door lock systems for secondary jobs. (Curt)
- Added AFP/Military rank/role [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Added Isis/Terrorist  rank/role (Staff Team)
- Added Honda Civic Type R to vehicle shop [1 week sale] (Staff Team)
- Added Honda Civic SI to vehicle shop (Staff Team)
- Increased police dodge and ems ambulance speed (Staff Team)
- Fixed voice system for not starting at the server startup. (Curt)

Saturday, 2020/01/11
- Added radio in 711 store and gasoline store (Staff Team)
- Added Ferrari 488 Pista Spider 2019 to Vehicle Shop (Staff Team)
- Added radio system. To use in-game radio, type /setradio <frequency>. You must have a radio in your inventory or else it won't work. (Curt)
- Fixed voice proximity system. (Curt)

Friday, 2020/01/10
- Added a new voice technology system, orginally and developed by AuroraRP. Your voice now fades away when you run away, your voice will be low when your not talking in front of the people, and now it has a radio integrated. Proudly inspired by toko-voip but in our own version without any external softwares. (Curt)
- Added custom ems car for higher rank/role [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Update Starting Money [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- Added Pet food to 711 and Gasoline store (Staff Team)

Thursday, 2020/01/09
- Fixed inventory hud for spitting errors. (Curt)
- Update police fines (Staff Team)
- Update paychecks of all jobs [Next server restart] (Staff Team)
- EMS can now see dead bodies blips in their mini map. Useful if the player is not visible. (Curt)
- Added parachute at the weapon store. (Curt)
- Added instant billing for EMS. (Curt + EMS Team)
- If you are AFK in the server, you won't receive any paychecks. (Curt + Staff Team)
- Update weather from snow to clear (Staff Team)

Wednesday, 2020/01/08
- Added atm at the hospital. (Curt)
- Added BMW S1000 RR 2014 to Vehicle Shop (Staff Team)
- Added BMW S1000 RR 2014 to Vehicle Shop (Chan)
- Added Lamborghini Aventador J Speedster 2012 to Vehicle Shop (Staff Team)
- Updated F1 rules. (Staff Team)
- Fixed cityhall teleport (Staff Team)

Tuesday, 2020/01/07
- Added new hospital interior. (Curt + PapaBear + X)
- Added Pilot Radio. Press H to communicate with other pilots. (Curt)
- Updated teamspeak3 server license and slot. (Curt)
- Added pilot clothes for female. (Curt + Gorgonio)
- Added Pilot and Trucker Job player count at the game scoreboard F10. (Curt)
- You can now view pilot'
- Reprice Pets (Staff Team)
- Added Pet system (Staff Team)
- Added plastic surgery at aurora hospital (Staff Team)
- Pilot: Added an algorithm that the system will find you the best route for your flight/job. (Curt)
- Testing


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