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Server Rules


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AuroraMC Philippines Server Rules

  1. Clean Game
    1. No profanity, spamming, and excessive caps,.
    2. No inappropriate skins, names, builds, signs, etc.
  2. No Hacked Clients
    1. Any mod that gives you an advantage is not allowed
    2. Hacks like; X-ray, Flying, Speed, etc are not allowed.
    3. Do not use autoclickers in PvP.
  3. Do not abuse glitches
  4. No trolling
    1. Harassment, scamming, encouraging harm, trapping.
    2. Don't discuss punishments. Don't ban/mute evade with other accounts.
  5. No inappropriate content
    1. Referencing or talking about vulgar, sexual or drug topics etc.
    2. Names, skins, banners, builds, item names, etc.
  6. Do not leak personal information
    1. Leaking personal information without the person's permission such as full names, addresses and any other personally identifiable information.
  7. No Zero Tick/Flying machines
    1. Please be efficient with your redstone machines.
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