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AuroraRP - Guide Book for Aurora Allied Forces (AAF)


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  • Police or the Aurora Allied Forces are law enforcing individuals that are highly trained to protect our city.
    • NOTE: If an AAF officer is caught disobeying and breaking the law, the higher-ups are required to imprison him/her, double the normal jail time of criminals do. Repeated caught crimes that reach up to THREE TIMES will be considered as a force termination of position.
  • One cannot be hired as a higher ranking officer immediately.
  • You are to be mentally and physically examined whether you are fit for the position.
  • Apprehending suspects avoiding arrest. (Chase on-foot) The AAF are required to warn the suspect 3 times with 5-second intervals between each warning that they will be tazed if they won’t surrender.
  • The AAF have all the right to taze a suspect avoiding arrest on-foot if they attempt to get away by entering a vehicle. (No warnings needed).
  • The maximum tolerance is expected from each AAF officer. If you are caught beating or hurting a civilian whether incarcerated or not and is of no physical threat to you or any other officer or civilian on the server, you are to be demoted and stripped of your job.
  • AAF Officers can only be revived only if their BPM is 6 onwards. If they died(0-5 BPM) during robbery, holdup or got into an accident, NLR definitely applies to them. 
  • Parking lot in front of the PD is for guests only.

AAF's DO's

  • You are to memorize the Miranda rights and have a vast knowledge of the Philippine law.
  • You must abide by higher officials at all times.
  • You must strictly follow all the rules.
  • You are to serve the citizens of Aurora City.
  • AAF should always follow CoC (Code of Conduct)
  • If you are shot or aimed by a criminal with a lethal weapon, you are then allowed to kill them.
  • You are to enforce safety upon all citizens (including criminals) unless provoked to take further action.
  • AAF officers should always inform the EMS in-charge regarding the status of the crime. Whether it is clear or any other status. However, if all AAF are dead, they should inform via tweet.
  • Always check the AAF chat/ AAF announcements (Especially the mentions)
  • Fill up your attendance record/s immediately and follow the attendance format.
  • Salute/Respect the higher ranks.
  • Be professional in talking to other officers and civilians.
  • When on-duty, make sure that you are in the dispatch channel.
  • Always Use Push-to-Talk on discord/dispatch.
  • Uniform is a must. 
  • Make sure to go off-duty when you’re not on duty anymore.
  • If you decide to park your personal vehicle, please take it to the AAF garage to notify us that it is not a civilian's vehicle. If you will park it in front, please notify our commanding officer/s.
  • All AAF car’s with cosmetics is not allowed. Set it to original modification. Failure to comply will result in automatic warning.
  • Turn off siren/lights when leaving your AAF cars.
  • When you going off-duty, make sure to store your AAF vehicle in the garage.


  • You are not allowed to carry illegal drugs and illegal firearms (Random inspection might put you in jail and get you removed from the whitelist) unless these items have come from criminals and need to be deposited to the PD.
  • AAF trainees are not allowed to patrol alone. Higher ranking officers should accompany and guide the trainee until promoted.
  • You are not allowed to process an offender for more than 10 minutes. (10 minutes max)
  • Corruption is not allowed. You will be terminated once caught.
  • AAF cannot use lethal force against a suspect that do not possess or pull out a lethal weapon (guns, knives, explosives).
  • AAF are NOT allowed to use force unless suspects initiated.
  • Refrain from using foul words.
  • No running and playing inside the AAF Department.
  • Don’t leave your AAF car unattended.
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