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AuroraRP - About Recent Events


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In light of recent events, this is an official statement to address the situation.

The issue has raised our awareness that we have been inept at acknowledging the community’s suggestions and concerns. We apologize for our shortcoming and we would like to assure you that we are exerting the best of our efforts to fulfill our roles as community leaders.

We have put together a design that will execute the following action plan:

Server side tasks which includes development and admin tasks which will be listed on how they are prioritized:

  1. Donations - Our current plan is to release and resolve donation-oriented concerns within 48 hours after acknowledgement.
  2. Bug reports and fixes will now be patched on a weekly basis. We may not be able to fix them all at once but it will be prioritized depending on the severity of the bug. We’d like to ask for your help as well to be as specific as possible so we could replicate and find the origin of the problem.
  3. Major updates, new contents and features are being handled by a specialized team and releases are scheduled within 6 months.
  4. Suggestions are subject for approval. There may be suggestions that we may find viable; in these cases, it will be brought up to the team for discussion.

Next, in order for us to be able to listen to your concerns, we encourage you to use our forums to post your suggestions and concerns, the ticketing system that we already have put in place is also a good medium for you to express yourself. Finally, we encourage you to participate in community polls on major updates before we make monumental changes to see whether it would be a good fit for the server.

Finally, we have issued a ban wave for players who have been toxic towards the staff team. Toxicity in general is not tolerated and we have been openly laying out severe punishment to players who choose to be one.

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