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Introducing Stress System


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Stress System

How I gain stress to my character?
By progressing/playing the game, your stress level increases.

How to unstress my character?
You can decrease your stress level by these followings: All the followings below have different values and difficulty level on decreasing your stress level.

  • By taking a joint (max of 3 items on hand)
    • You can convert your Marijuana to a Joint by going to this location 


      • In this area, yes it is red zone.
  • Drinking drinks like Tequila, Whiskey, Vodka, etc. can also reduce your stress level. You can buy those items from Los Bandoleros.
  • For Law Enforcements/Emergency Services, you have your own "Stress Bar" to use. You can get it at your designated shops.
  • Take a yoga at the beach.


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