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Free Discord Nitro Boost


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Get your free 3 month Discord Nitro Subscription at the Epic Game Store and boost this server and receive Donator Level 2 Perks in game!


URL: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/discord--discord-nitro


Question and Answer

Q: How to boost Aurora Community Hub Server?
A: After claiming your Discord Nitro Boost, go ahead to Aurora Community Hub Discord Server and click the server name and under it there's a server boost icon.

Q: How to claim my Donator Level 2 perks?
A: You may claim your Donator Level 2 perks by running Discord and FiveM at the same time. To verify if your Discord and FiveM were linked correctly, go to FiveM > Settings Icon > And under "Linked Identifiers". If you see your Discord username there, it got linked correctly!

Q: My donator level 2 perks aren't still working. How to fix it?
A: Try executing this command /vip and /vip. (Yes 2x).

Q: What's the different of DL2 (Discord Nitro) Vs DL2 (Original)?

Donator Level 2 (Nitro) Discord Level 2 (Original)

You won’t get kicked by our AFK Kicker.
Ability to access /vipmusic. Only 1 time use every restart
Able to use /atm. Only 1 time use every restart

You won’t get kicked by our AFK Kicker.
Ability to access /vipmusic. Unlimited uses
Able to use /atm. 
Unlimited uses
$4,000,000.00 In-game Cash (One Time).


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