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  1. Weazel Reporters Reporters are not allowed to get close to a shoot-out or siege. They are only allowed to get close if requested by both police and or criminal doers alike. Reporters are to stay at least 20 meters away from the incident if it is life-threatening and must have proper cover to avoid being shot. Reporters are to post headlines on Weazel News channel in our discord on a daily basis when on the server. Reporters are to always use the proper headline when posting content on our discord with the title: BREAKING NEWS! / NEWS FLASH! JUST IN! Reporters incentives are based on the following: Once one reporter has covered a certain topic, no other reporter can cover that topic. Each reporter must have different headlines. Reporters cannot be robbed/kidnapped while on duty. Reporters can appear on any crime scene. Other special RPs such as boiling broke, red zones etc. has to be declared through OOC. Post that is allowed: Tsismis Events Updates Showbiz Crime Events Content must be Rated SPG if it includes mature content.
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