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Found 3 results

  1. Gangs Gang Turfs are highly red zone areas. With that being said, do not enter gang turfs without any permission. Any civilian that is caught wandering inside a gang base with no permission will be shoot to kill. Value your life. Turf Wars (Gang Wars) Every gang member must wear their uniform and masks if they're going to do any gang related activities. The ONLY acceptable means of declaring gang wars is via global gang chat (/gang). Formal templates are to be used in the global gang chat. Any informal declaration will be subject to demerit and punishment. Minimum of 10 gang members for both parties before they can declare a war. (Check F1 scoreboard, make sure to have a screenshot as proof.) A declaration of war against a gang that has recently participated in a gang war has a 15 minute cooldown before they could participate in another gang war again. The defending gang's RP will be put at stake as spoils of war of the winning party. (Gentlemen's Agreement) Do not talk and give information once you're dead. (Metagaming) Once cleared, only 1 member should notify the opposing party via global gang chat (/gang). Failure to announce the clear time will result to punishment and gang demerit. Any type of vehicle / aircraft cannot be used to block entry points. This includes helipads. Cars cannot be used as cover. (Only applicable to defenders.) Cars are no longer allowed to scout the bushes. Anyone caught will be penalized for intentional VDM + demerit. Don't break character even if someone violated the rules. The RP must continue, you may report afterwards. If the defending party is not present in their turf after 10 minutes without any prior announcement of an on going or special RP, the gang war will automatically result in their loss. Using of any kinds of emotes and props during an on going RP is prohibited. This will be tagged as Fail RP: Creating unfair advantage. LSETF and CETF can intervene an on going gang war but must scout AND announce first via ooc. (Gang Control Unit.) There must be 2 entry ways to get inside your base. This includes door. Defenders are allowed to shoot upon sighting advancing attackers. The defenders who are late aren't allowed to shoot at the advancing attackers until they get into their respective zones. Attackers are allowed to shoot back once they are already being shot at. In an event where the defending gang does not see the declaration of attack and there are people in their base that are AFK and not in their official gang war uniform, retaliating/shooting back the attacker is prohibited. This will be tagged as RDM. The turf zone color will change accordingly to your gang's color once you have successfully captured the turf. Gang Alliance is strictly prohibited. Participating in a gang activity that you are not part of will be tagged as alliance. Anyone caught doing so will automatically put the organization to severe punishment. EMS, Mechanics, and other civilians are not allowed to accept distresses inside a gang turf while there is an on going gang war. The objective of defenders is to defend their base from any attackers. Defenders are not allowed to go outside the zone for gang war. RETAKES: - This will take effect when the opposing gang is no show on their territory. Note: Special RP must be announced prior to declaration of war. - Retakes can only be done ONCE. - No Show: Official RPs (Robberies) - 20 minutes will be given after Code-4. - Non-Official RPs (Special RPs) - Maximum of 1 hour. This includes preparation of players. - Declaring retakes using global gang chat (/gang) must include the timeframe. Failure to comply to these rules will result to gang demerit. - Attacking Party cannot access the group shop during retakes. It can only be done once the opposing party has been cleared. Anyone caught will be severely punished. (Powergaming). - In a scenario that gangs are in the middle of a different RP and they are attacked, they can either retake or forfeit. TRANSPORTATION: - 1 helicopter at a time. - Gang cars, Personal cars, or local cars can be used except for exclusive and auction cars. - Any personal vehicles, local cars and gang cars that are bulletproof cannot be used. COOLDOWN: - Gang that has recently been attacked cannot be attacked for 15 minutes. This will give that gang time to respawn and prepare. OTHERS: - Civilians or gang members not wearing their uniform caught participating or killing gang members at their particular bases for no reason will be charged RDM followed by a 30 day ban. - A 7 day cooldown will take effect before a player can switch to another gang. Failure to follow will result to penalization and gang demerit. - Firing in front of an obstacle or object (patagos) is strictly prohibited as it is an unfair advantage to the opposing party. Anyone caught will be severely penalized and will result to demerit. - Vandalism - Using of /scene when trespassing or during retakes in an opposing gang base is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught will be punished accordingly. Prohibited Weapons: • Sniper • Assault shotgun • Heavy shotgun • Heavy Revolver • RPG • Throwables Gang Merit The meriting system is designed to improve the RP of gangs considering that the city majorly revolves around them and the authorities. We encourage gangs to keep adding flavor to the already existing RP's that would challenge the current norms as well as pushing leaders to their limits to guide their gang's notoriety but still keep it an enjoyable environment for everyone. In addition, the gang merit is different from the f1 rules. A person can be hit with both demerit and be punished accordingly. A weekly review of the gang will be done anonymously. Reports will also play an integral role to determine the behavior of gang members. For us to be able to gather substantial information, the activity of a group will also be monitored. INACTIVITY OF A GROUP WILL LEAD TO AN AUTO-FAIL. The passing score is 80%. Total scores will be computed every month. Passing grades are expected from everyone. If in the event that a gang fails to meet the required rating, they will be put on probation for the second month and should get a passing rating for that month. The third month will be decisive as it will determine whether the gang will continue or will lose their official status. Do take note that grading is circumstantial and will not always be black and white. There will be instances wherein it will not be unanimous so it will be discussed to avoid any favoritism or bias.
  2. Whitelist Gangs [Perks] Personalized blips (clothes, boss blip, armoury etc) [Base] 2 customized cars Starting society money of 3m Designated RP (drugs, weapons, etc) Salary that will be balanced according to the economy NOTE: [P3,000] initial payment, P1500 succeeding months Every month, [P2,000,000] will be given to the gang after every renewal. Purchase at https://store.aurorav.net/.
  3. Syndicate Uniforms • Not wearing of proper uniform will be penalized on the spot (Both WL & Gangs) La Cosa Nostra Official Uniform Los Bandoleros Official Uniform Golden Triads Official Uniform Cartel Da Sinaloa Official Uniform Sicarios Official Uniform Kanjozoku Official Uniform Gaijin Official Uniform Rusta Roma Syndicate Official Uniform Whitelisted Job Uniforms Emergency Medical Services 6STR Customs (Mechanic)
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